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Creative process Interviewed by Park Sool



‘Collective Breathing’ Drawing workshop
Somerset House/ London

Two-day drawing workshop at Somerset House as a part of a public-facing event in February 2020. In this workshop, Jayoon tested the idea of using the body and breathing as the perceptive organ instead of being sorely dependent on the eyes and hands.

Questioning what is it that we are seeing from the world and what is it that we intend to capture in the drawing process. In each 2 -3 hours set, Jayoon facilitated a loosely instructed drawing space for the public, where participants breath, move, gaze and draw collectively.

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Documentation footage & photo credit goes to Carl Bigmore & Kevin Walker and Somerset house staffs.

Live AR Drawing documentation / 2019 / Women In Silicon Roundabout, Excel Centre/ London

‘The Theory of Concentric Spheres‘Group Exhibition
SouthKiosk / London, The UK


Illustrating Mental Health Symposium
The Art House / Worcester, The UK

Jayoon presented her over a decade-long practice dedicated to depicting the unseen and intangible human qualities that she observes within herself as well as the people around her. She presented her initial motivation and how the practice developed based on automatic drawing.


'imago 1_incomplete' album cover in collaboration with ninaian project

Produced by ninaian /Manufactured by ninaian project
Distributed by Brownie Entertainment, Inc.

Purchase it here!


Momentary Tremolo: Sketch_01 projection mapping installation
, Parker Gallery / London, The UK

Exhibition documenation video / 2015 / 00:40 / Parger Gallery, London

Background Sound captured from ‘play_algorithm.’ by Alice Emily Baird&Chatori Shimizu.

Documentation Video / 2015 / 00:01:00 / filmed by Yimiao Shigh edited by Jayoon Choi


‘I Don’t Really Care Who You Are As Long As You Are There For Me’


Collaboration with ninaian project

Jayoon Choi & ninaian project (Hyun Min Park) formed in 2013 after they met via twitter and instantly took notice to each others' work. Hyun Min is a musician who explores layers of intensive emotional conflicts in sound, whereas Jayoon uses drawing and moving image as her tool to depict unnoticed elements in everyday life.

‘Conversation Between Sound & Drawing’ is their second collaborative project, yet their first attempt on an improvised performance between the two medium.

It then turned into a wordless conversation through sound and drawing, which simultaneously inspires and stimulates each other’s output. As if they are taking steps into obscure creative zones of their own.


‘Keep Going’

Sound by ninaian



New Drawings’ Solo Exhibition
Jealous Gallery / London, The UK


‘Sketch Show’ Group Exhibition 
Jelous Gallery / London, The UK

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