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Jayoon Choi
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Jayoon Choi is a London based artist.
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Jayoon’s work is about
 ︎︎︎ What does it mean to be human?
        ︎︎︎What value do we possess or do not possess to be human?
 ︎︎︎ Seeking a tangible form or an experience to convey such questions

︎︎︎ drawing as a tool to actualise the investigation (of the above questions)
    ︎︎︎ Automatic drawing, moving image & space projection

Longer version 
︎︎︎ Jayoon’s practice explores the vast spectrum of our internal selves that is buried beneath the physical body we own through drawing and moving images. Or perhaps, questioning how much of the physical body we own speaks about ourselves.

Whilst exploring ‘human’, Jayoon strips off any man-made signifier such as time, gender or culture. Instead, she depicts androgynous figures in humans, investigating the 'thing' that the physical body contains within. 'What moves this corps?' one of the hwadu from Buddhist teaching hints at what this human quality may be.

Ironically she uses fragments of the human body to give a form to the intangible internal-scape and reveal what may exist beyond. Using herself as a testing ground, Jayoon uses automatic drawing to tap into the realm of intuition, following what one line may lead her to the next to explore the source of creativity. This challenges the current notion of confusing machine-learned image generation as image creation.

These attempt aims to embrace what all human being may experience internally throughout their life, beyond their gender, race, belief or whatever tags them in the conventional world.

Jayoon is also 
︎︎︎A Senior lecturer at Illustration Programme at Camberwell College of Arts and an Associate Lecturer at MA Graphic Communication at Central Saint Martins.

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    ︎︎︎ Interview with The Women Cinemakers Magazine (2018)
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2012   05

2011   03

New Drawings, Jealous Gallery / London, The UK


2024   06

Impromptu Improvasation, Duo performance with Taehun Lee, Domagk Ateliers München, Germany


The Future Perfect” Group exhibition, Ebenböckhaus/ Munich, Germany (Funded by Landeshauptstadt München)

2023   12

Under The Surface“ Group exhibition, Horanggasy ArtPolygon/ Gwangju, The Republic of Korea


2022   12

‘D-Space’ Group exhibition, Visual Information Design Association of Korea / Seoul, The Republic of Korea

2021   04

2019   11





Meshes PresentGenesis Cinema / London, The UK


“I am...”, Kreativni KRK, Decumanus Gallery / Croatia

2016   10

The Dark Arts, Candid Arts Trust / London, The UK


‘Within’ installation, International Maker Festival, QuJiang Conference&Exhibition Center/ Xi'an, China


Momentary Tremolo: Sketch_01, play_algorithm., Parker Gallery / London, The UK



Isle of Lost and Found, Hockney Gallery, RCA / London, The UK


2013    05


2011    09

Contemporary Prints, Smith Row Gallery / Bury St. Edmunds, The UK

2009    08

Small Print, Jealous Gallery / London, The UK

Art Fair

2010 - 2023

2016 - 2019


AAF, The Metropolitan Pavilion / New York, USA

2010 - 2011   



Horanggasy Creative Studio / Gwangju, The Republic of Korea


Talk, Workshop & Feature

2024   01

Artist talk & workshop for History of translation as history of philosophy & Sources of Korean philosophy, University of Hildesheim/ Germany

2022   11 

Academic Practice talk ‘Action Research’, PgCert, UAL/ London, The UK 

2022   02 

Design Without Elective, Royal College of Art/ London, The UK 

2021   12 

4 Drawing Workshops, Emphatic Design for Sustainable City with PaTI & Indonesia




2012   02

Jealous pop-up studio at heal’s, Art encounters/ The UK



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