‘Tristan. Wagner is the antitoxin‘ / 2018 / Digital / 840 x 840 mm

Nietzsche’s most famous friend was Richard Wagner (1813 - 1883), As a student, Nietzsche had been enamoured of Tristan; he loved much of Wagner’s music;

Wagner is the antitoxin against everything German par excellence - a toxin a poison that I don’t deny.
pg 30 - 31

Nietzsche’s Headache / 2018 / Indian Ink, Paper / 840 x 730 mm

This piece  is inspired by his remark upon his military service in 1870, during the Franco-Prussian War."...the atmosphere of my experiences had spread around me like a gloomy fog: for a time I heard a sound of wailing which seemed as if it would never end” (pg.26)

It tries to grasp the chaotic desolate war zone that Nietzsche might have gone through as a medical orderly. The tragedies he witnessed which remained ruminating in his head may have caused his physical and nervous breakdown.

The mad dad / 2017 / pencil Ink, Paper, digital / 360 x 123 mm

“In September 1848 my beloved father suddenly became mentally ill”
pg. 22

The Birth of Nietzsche / 2017 / Indian Ink, Paper, digital / 616 x 276 mm

Nietzsche was christened after King Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussia...The king became mad a few years later.
p. 22

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