How much of you is actually you?

What do you care about people around you?
I mean,
What matters to you in them?

The time does not wait for you,
or for anything.

Come back up, look straight
and keep going forward.

Hearing comes before sight, and we cannot block what we hear. “The Radio” questions online data transparency. Our personal data is reproduced by third parties, without consent but with consequences. This data is our virtual DNA - it represents us but may contain errors or misinformation. Is it us or a separate identity? In The Radio, it talks back to us. We can log off, but we can't turn it off.

Documentation Video 2014 // 00:02:15

Documentation Video 2015 // 00:01:00

Collaboration with Jae Kyung Kim & Carrolynne Jean-Jacques Hsieh
Exploded Screen & Design Without projects
Royal College of Art
(c) all rights researved 2018 Jayoon Choi