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Nietzsche’s most famous friend was Richard Wagner (1813 - 1883), As a student, Nietzsche had been enamoured of Tristan; he loved much of Wagner’s music;

Wagner is the antitoxin against everything German par excellence - a toxin a poison that I don’t deny.
pg 30 - 31

This piece  is inspired by his remark upon his military service in 1870, during the Franco-Prussian War."...the atmosphere of my experiences had spread around me like a gloomy fog: for a time I heard a sound of wailing which seemed as if it would never end” (pg.26)

It tries to grasp the chaotic desolate war zone that Nietzsche might have gone through as a medical orderly. The tragedies he witnessed which remained ruminating in his head may have caused his physical and nervous breakdown.

“In September 1848 my beloved father suddenly became mentally ill”
pg. 22

Nietzsche was christened after King Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussia...The king became mad a few years later.
p. 22

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